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Scar Therapy

Having trained at the UK leading Scar Therapy clinic (HLP Therapy Ltd), Julie and Beth can help take you from experiencing tight, pulling, uncomfortable scars, to feeling comfortable with the appearance and relief from the reduced tension and pulling, that can occur with scars.

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Scarred Leg

When can I start treatment?

Your scar must be free of stitches and/or staples, and it must be infection free, have no heat or inflammation or be weeping.

Generally treatment can start from 6 weeks, but scars of any age, can benefit from this therapy.

LymphaTouch is a versatile and effective medical device that provides relief for various health problems and promotes the body’s own healing process.

The negative pressure and mechanical vibration of the LymphaTouch® device can effectively soften fibrotic and scar tissue adhesions, improving tissue elasticity, flexibility and joint range of motion.

LymphaTouch® treatment promotes oxygenation and lymphatic drainage of the treated area, which can contribute to wound healing and prevent adhesions. The device treatment can be started on the day of surgery. LymphaTouch® offers an effective and comfortable way to treat both fresh and older scars.


Before and After

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